Advanced Hosting

To be able to share your website with the ever-growing users of the internet and professionally communicate with the world through e-mail, we have every solution you need to be able to accomplish this, from the essential tools to the reassurance of the highest quality for suitably-priced packages.

NOOR offers multiple services and plans that will fit all needs and requests. We are also open and willing to collaborate on more tailored solutions to explore the possibilities of ongoing partnership in these circumstances.

When it comes to dealing with your data, NOOR always uses the best professional tools, server, networks and manpower the market has to offer. This approach enables us to stand proudly behind the SLA’s we offer and ensure a 99.99% uptime and availability of your services over the Internet.


NOOR has dedicated a team of experts providing 24/7 support to answer and address all queries related to our services, including:

Co-location Service: empowering your server on the internet.
Dedicated hosting: operating a complete server on the internet.
Shared Hosting: create and control your website and e-mails.

IT Outsourcing

There is no question that the market is becoming more and more dependent on IT infrastructure for their day to day work; and the internal resources required to maintain the optimization of these infrastructures can divert attention away from a company’s core competency. However, for companies whose primary focus is NOT Information Technology, IT Outsourcing is rapidly gaining momentum as a mean for concentrating purely on the main business lines.

That being said, it’s not an easy decision to entrust your IT infrastructure management to an outside party; expertise and professionalism can be higher than the set cost and dependable people are not easy to find. However, NOOR External Assist provides you with direct access to highly trained and fully certified system staff to manage your existing, ongoing and future IT requirements within your company, all at a lower expense compared to our competitors.

NOOR External Assist professionals currently hold the following Certifications:
With all systems fully-backed by water-tight SLA’s for further validation of our commitment to IT outsourcing excellence, NOOR Extreme Assist’s remote assistance technology combined with our world class Help Desk System and highly trained and professional staff ensures a perpetual peace of mind for our clients. Our External Assist is a first class service that takes care of all your IT needs.


Investor rrerere

Through our deep understanding of the varying requirements of the major market sectors, whether corporates or consumers, NOOR embraces a technological approach that is based on maximum efficiency, deliverability and reliability for and every each respective segment.

NOOR has taken numerous measures to ensure the continuity and stability of our internet services at all times; our services are routed through International carriers using multiple submarine cables that are directed to several destinations throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

Dedicated bandwidth Internet

A bandwidth that meets the agreed allocations is a crucial requirement; NOOR has taken every measure possible to ensure that all customers are achieving the actual contracted bandwidth at all times.

- The access technology used is able to provide symmetric two way data traffic.
- Bandwidth dedication starts from the customer CPE (router or modem) all through NOOR network up until the internet gateway.
- Another bandwidth dedication measure is taken into consideration which is the International capacity, where NOOR policy is set for allocated bandwidth for each customer.
- The previous measures are all explored in the Service Level Agreement provided by NOOR.

Shared Bandwidth Internet

For home users’ requirements and usage patterns, a shared bandwidth internet approach allows us to provide the customer with the required bandwidth at an affordable cost while maintaining exemplary standards of service and support.

Shared Bandwidth Internet Advantages Include:
- The access technology used is able to provide Asymmetric data traffic.
- Download traffic is generally larger in capacity than upload traffic which meets the needs of a home internet user.
- Services are delivered over existing phone lines which eliminates the need to embrace any new technical infrastructure.

Managed Services

NOOR offers a wide range of exclusive value added Managed Services for its MPLS network clients. The benefits of utilizing these Managed Services include:

- Reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs.
- Reduced complexity of in-house networks.
- Access to technological expertise.
- Access to dedicated resources.
- Reliability and security.
- Ability to expand the network without a major overhaul.
- Saving of technical staff, training and overall manpower.



With all business networks being subjected to network attacks, ensuring the security of valuable information that is vital to your business interests and company's well being is becoming increasingly difficult. Not all businesses have the resources required to proactively monitor and manage their network and prevent such attacks, nor are they able to remain current with the latest security advances. Now, small and medium-sized businesses, branch offices, and telecommuters can ensure information security using the same techniques that large corporations employ with NOOR.

By outsourcing their network security needs, companies of any size may choose security measures that make the most sense for their businesses and budgets.

NOOR Managed Firewall Services are available for enterprises that are looking to enhance their level of information security and protect their network against cyber attacks. NOOR Data Network resources and extensive technical expertise are available for customized solutions of great benefit and reliability.



You can only outsource technical overheads related to the configuration of your routers to NOOR with MPLS.

Would you rather centralize your internet access to only one branch (HQ) and have other branches given access to the internet from the HQ,or create extra costs by delivering Internet to each branch separately?

Only with MPLS can you deliver distributed internet access to all branches through a common node at NOOR that is a member of your VPN.



Managed Customer CPEs and Routers

Through the use of NOOR’s expertise and resources, managed CPE Services are an added value that may be designed, implemented and then supported on an ongoing basis. With our clients’ needs in mind, all customized solutions and services developed by NOOR are bundled to meet customers’ individual requirements using a one-stop shopping arrangement.

With NOOR’s incomparable knowledge of the varying requirements of many business sectors, thanks to the extensive cross-section of industry segments serviced by NOOR past and present, our impressive track record in providing customized solutions has resulted in significant savings on both hardware and human resources costs for a large number of small to medium enterprises, both national and multinational organizations.

Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services The components of NOOR’s network have been carefully selected to allow for high performance and scalability; and have been implemented using a 


Virtual Private Networks

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network in which a customer is able to connect multiple sites using NOOR’s shared infrastructure with the same administrative policies as a private network. The path between two systems in a VPN, and the characteristics of that path, might also be determined (wholly or partially) by our policy. This yields a number of different services that we can provide according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

A VPN may have best-effort performance, or may have a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). VPN could have a simple topology such as point-to-point or a rather complex one such as an MPLS connection with commuters’ capabilities and Internet access.

NOOR puts the experts and gears at your service through a partnership with your business, interconnecting your sites and networks and creating the perfect network space you need with an easy, available and economical bundle of the services we provide.

Features of NOOR VPN:

  • Lower capital expenditure (CAPEX)—than traditional routed networks over dedicated facilities with dedicated gears.
  • Rapidly links enterprise offices, as well as small-at-home-offices and mobile workers.
  • Allows customization of security and quality of service as needed for specific applications.
  • Scales to meet sudden demands.
  • Reduces operational expenditure (OPEX) by outsourcing support and facilities to our 24X7 Operation Center
  • L2 VPN: working only on the second OSI Model layer. L3VPN: working on the third OSI Model layer with tremendous wealth of capabilities.