Virtual Private Networks

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network in which a customer is able to connect multiple sites using NOOR’s shared infrastructure with the same administrative policies as a private network. The path between two systems in a VPN, and the characteristics of that path, might also be determined (wholly or partially) by our policy. This yields a number of different services that we can provide according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

A VPN may have best-effort performance, or may have a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). VPN could have a simple topology such as point-to-point or a rather complex one such as an MPLS connection with commuters’ capabilities and Internet access.

NOOR puts the experts and gears at your service through a partnership with your business, interconnecting your sites and networks and creating the perfect network space you need with an easy, available and economical bundle of the services we provide.

Features of NOOR VPN:

  • Lower capital expenditure (CAPEX)—than traditional routed networks over dedicated facilities with dedicated gears.
  • Rapidly links enterprise offices, as well as small-at-home-offices and mobile workers.
  • Allows customization of security and quality of service as needed for specific applications.
  • Scales to meet sudden demands.
  • Reduces operational expenditure (OPEX) by outsourcing support and facilities to our 24X7 Operation Center
  • L2 VPN: working only on the second OSI Model layer. L3VPN: working on the third OSI Model layer with tremendous wealth of capabilities.