MPLS Layer 2 VPN

Improve the performance of your company’s productivity

Technical Overview

NOOR’s Next Generation Network (NGN) makes it very easy to provide VPN services based on MPLS technologies. Layer 2 VPN offers a dependable, versatile, secure and fast platform to improve companywide processes and maximizes value from enterprise applications.

Service Overview

MPLS L2-VPN service is ideal for customers who want to join two of their LAN segments which are geographically apart, to logically create a single LAN (this service can be thought of as LAN Extension). In addition, MPLS can work with any underlying layer 2 protocols providing flexible service delivery.

In the MPLS L2-VPN, routing occurs through the customer’s routers and allows those customers to maintain the administration of their network, without any interaction from the service provider. This includes routing, QoS, and security.

Service applicability

NOOR provides interconnectivity between any two sites with the following encapsulations: Ethernet, ATM, Frame-Relay, PPP, and HDLC

NOOR also supports both IPv4 and IPv6 transport protocols.

Service scalability

If more than 2 sites need to exchange data traffic, NOOR also provides a cost effective hub and spoke solution. Using this service, one site (usually the headquarters) acts as the main site and many point-to-point (P2P) virtual circuits are established between the remote sites.

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